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The White Lady of the Sea

tCropped white lady

I would like to share with you my story and picture of the White Lady.

On a day when the wind and high surf where playing with the frothy waves with little a care in the world. I with camera in hand and a safe distance from their massive power strolled down the beach. I encountered along the way little spirits at play, in the waves of foam. The cloud walkers (immortals) looked down from a robins blue sky, taking form in the clouds. I felt I was at home among family.

An outcropping of lava rock caught my eye. Waves were flying over the top fanning out in all directions and then cascaded over the stone forming intricate little waterfalls sparkling in the sun. I held up the camera, ready to snap the next wave. Instead it was interrupted in mid air. Spiraling from the center as it traveled around the stone the White Lady unfolded with arms outstretched she faced the ocean. I felt her movement inside of me. Taking her picture she then returned silently to her home beneath the ocean. When I go down into the deep of myself I can find her there. We saw each other and now know of each others existence.  At times I sing and play music to her and the life of the ocean, weaving our love together just for the joy of being alive and spending some time with an old friend.

Walking Between Worlds With Nature

They ride on the thunder of crashing waves

upon the shores and rocks,

 reaching to the sky from

the depths of their ocean home.

Gods and Goddesses take form

for only a moment, suspended

 in the in-between of matter, time and space.

Conversing with those who choose to

Walk Between Worlds…


I have walked with the elemental kingdom, the spirit of the forest and ocean for most of my life listening to the wind give them voice in the way it moves through thing, like leaves and river songs.

Now the Ancient Ones of Nature are sending forth a Calling to those who love the most beautiful planet in all of creation to join them in the new frequencies of the Earth Star .          The Old ones of Mature would like us to acknowledge their existence and that they are intelligent beings wanting to work side by side with man to walk and thrive in balance with the earth.

Sitting in the cathedral of the natural world, feeling my love for all of the Great Spirits creation, I join in the symphony with the many voices of nature celebrating life. I release my sound of love from within me letting it echo on the wings of my song. I feel the power of the wild, before man tried to perfect and harness the soul of nature. The elemental kingdom and nature spirits want to join us in celebrating the newly birthed Earth Star . It is also a time that (because of the earths birthing into new vibrations) we and earth can easily access our family that has lived beyond the vale.

One of the ways one can learn bridge our worlds is by entering a state of consciousness which reduces the scene before me, taking the edges off things that I see. We’re trained by living in our culture to use our eyes to recognize objects, but not light forms that live in faster moving frequencies. With some practice you will see the nations in nature reveal themselves to you. I am speaking of the Stone Nation, Plant People, Water and Wind Tribe, the Faery Realm and the Ancient Mountain and Tree People. There are many other Ancient Ones but these are the ones that work closest with me and I have had personal contact with.

The first step is to look beyond the form. A tree doses not end at the edge of its trunk. Beyond the trunk is a body of light and geometric forms where nature beings thrive. The dense bark can reveal a world of nature beings or its spirit. Looking at a rocks subtle energies, can reveal the stories it holds from what passed by it through the ages. The first inhabitances of earth have much to share with man on how to live in balance and prosper as one of her many children.

The rock can project images on its surface sharing with those who would listen, stories of events it witnessed since the earth was new.  Nature doesn’t embellish the facts. Think how wonderful it would be to be taught by the forest, or sit by the ocean and chat for a while. Maybe you already do.

I sometimes sing or play an instrument or both with the Old Ones of Nature till we know it reaches the heart of God and then we anchor the song to the heart of the Earth Mother. I know when I am connected when my body starts pulsing waves of energy. I then consciously bring the song to the heart of the Earth with the help of the Old Ones who ride the Rainbow Bridge.  At other times I sit in the silence letting nature unfold what it wants to share with me. It’s a very simple act of love and sometimes words get in the way when you try to describe the indescribable. Yet I hope these words spark a light of remembrance between you and the Old Ones of Nature.

When you see the picture of the Old One of the ocean, look beyond the image to know her as one of the ancient inhabitance of earth.  They return at this time and take form in this world that you may know them. Nature beings are sending out an invitation to all of us, to partner with them in creating a heaven on Earth.  We can access the new Earths energy only when we have a conscious awareness of their existence.

It is what my Nature Walks are all about, walking between the worlds till we are in total balance with The Earth that became a star this year.












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