The Sound Healer Rock




Some stones have been shaped over the centuries to assist in natural healing. In ancient times and in some cultures today the stone people are still asked for assistance. There is lithium in some of the rocks on Kauai.  Many people lay on our  lithium stones and say they come away feeling better and re-balanced. Some shaman on Kauai say that lithium stones our mainly for woman because woman are more magnetic and lithium stones are electrical charged and are able to balance the female body.

Other stones like the Stone Healer tunes the body with the vibrations created when you sit in the alcove and hum or chant. The vibration massages the body and tension is released. On my journeys  into nature we will get a chance to experience the Sound Healer. On one of my journeys to the sound healer a man who was a song writer had a melody come to him while sitting in the stone and wrote a song which he sang a few days later in one of our coffee shops with his guitar. The experience is different with everyone and gives you a gimps of our nature family.

As you sit in the sound Healer stone and “HU” (HU is a vibrational frequency that is a love song to our creator/God/Spirit. All of nature responds to this vibration.