The Lost Continent of Mu and Nature

Kauai SunriseOn Kauai, among the many adventures this island offers, connecting with nature beings and tree spirits offers something different to do on Kauai.

For those who want a soul journey along ancient paths of the people from Mu and the Menehune who live alongside them, Kauai Sacred Nature (Jeannie Ruman) can assist you on your path.

The old ones still walk the valleys and trails appearing in trees and mountain tops.  They weave their essence into a form to commune with us on our plane of existence.  They wait for us to notice them as we walk through their home.

My purpose in life is to offer an experience to connect with nature and to communicate with the beings that live alongside of us in parallel realities on earth, as our ancestors did in the past.

When we learn to enhance our sight to see on more planes of existence, we will be able to share our knowledge with each other and create a world more in balance with our home planet Earth.

Some of the people of early Mu where from Sirius,  It took many hundred of years to create a body by slowing down their vibration so wet could take a form.  They could merge with all of nature, taking on the form of an animal, element such as a waterfall, or fire. We knew all that existed on the earth mother was our family. We began to feel with this new form. Smell the fragrances of the plant and flower people. We still remembered our connection to the source, but sitting next to  the ocean and conversing with its life force as a living presence through our newly formed heart center, gave us a new level of experiencing the Source as it moved through a  semi solid body.

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