The Land of Faery


The sun filtered through the canopy of trees while droplets of water hung from tips of leaves reflecting the forest.The sun brought the drops of rain to life, making them into tiny translucent stars  sparkling in the forest. At that moment before the sun shifted again, the veil lifted between worlds  and there we stood looking at each other.

In the center is a faery in its lightbody. Two wizards are in the right hand corner. One in a burgundy robe and the other wizard is clothe in red robe and staff. We have time to look at each other for a fraction of a second before  the veil cloaked us from each other once more.

What got me to look off  the trail and turn my attention into the forest was the moss people in the foregrounds. Places where moss or other parts of the forest take a form have been to me  places that are doorways to finer realities.

Look with a soft eye, unfocused at a tree or just sit somewhere looking at nature. Let your eyes take the edges off your surroundings. Children do this very well. As we get older we are taught  that things have edges to them a beginning and,end, say a tree. Before we are taught we see the aura of an object and its spirit. When we  learn to switch back and forth is to switch realities or travel between worlds. It is also called expanding our consciousness to see the Divine in everything.

Nature will unfold its magic to you and it will be different for everyone.