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Journey on Gossamer Wings by Jeannie Ruman

Journey on Gossamer Wings by Jeannie Ruman


This book is available in hard copy.  It comes with a DVD.  Order directly from Jeannie Ruman by calling her at (808) 639-9418








Window Into Nature by Jeannie Ruman

This book can be ordered through


This book takes you on a journey reconnecting us through peoples experiences with the ancestor’s and our ancient past. In a time long forgotten as well as now, where the natural world constantly communicated with each other, interacting with man, sharing our joys, and sorrows. We wove our lives together to form a gossamer web linking man and nature together.
“Window into Nature” also expands our consciousness by journeying deeper into nature and remembering the universal language and the many ways nature speaks to us.






Sacred Nature Journey

Each Journey is unique and personal with each individual and cannot be sold as a package.  It is not a “nature hike” even though there is a little hiking involved.

The best approach is to call me (Jeannie Ruman) so that you will have an idea if this is for you.  You and she can craft a unique journey that is meant for you.

(808) 639-9418