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Jeannie Ruman and a Group from Finland


I conduct a Journey into Nature, letting the elements weave a experiences that has never been the same twice. Some things people have experienced…

When I would jog in the morning I saw nature spirits along the path or in the bark of a tree. I thought this was my imagination till I experienced a day with Jeannie, I now see a new world that adds more joy to my life.
– Washington DC

I am an attorney who has a hidden passion to be a Herbalist. After Jeannie shared her own transformational story with me, I realized that becoming an herbalist was not just a whim of mine, but a dream that I would make come true.
– California

Our whole trip was filled with meetings, The four of us had sometime to get away to see Kauai with Jeannie. This was most joyful part of trip to Kauai.
– Russia

We sang and danced To Beautiful Kauai on a mountain side overlooking a valley. I could feel nature was very happy and so was I.
– Finland

I went home and looked at nature with new eyes. Seeing things that were always there, but I overlooked.
– Finland.

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