Goddess of Fire

Goddess of Fire

My Encounter with Pele


One day, soon after we moved to Kauai I was drawn to a valley on the North West side of the island.  Looking at its entrance, I thought it might be a private driveway,  but my heart was calling me to walk on its land. I then noticed an old small wooden sign tilted on its side it read Limahuli.


My feet guided me along a stone path mixed with the dirt of the land. As I approached the crest of the hill it took my breath away. Before me a valley with the splendor of the greatest cathedral ever built to the Great Spirit magnified a thousand times. I stood there, my senses absorbing the majestic mountains with its peaks reaching to the sky, their massive bodies rested on the body of Mother Earth. The wind whispering through the trees and the stream running through the Valley from a waterfall from the top of a mountain whispered the song of the ancestors’ if you listened closely.


When I could finally move again, looking around for some sign of human life, I found none. What was before my eyes over twenty years ago was the wildness of the land. Plants growing wild and free, weaving along the floor of Limahuli. This is how my first impression was of this place. It entered my heart and never left.


It was in this state of love that I ventured deeper on the trail working my way up to a plateau where I sat for a while feeling the land with my senses without any thought in my mind.


My camera was with me, an inexpensive instamatic. After a while I decided to take some pictures. The sun was low on the mountains casting shadows on Mount Makana as an array of light formed on her body. I remember walking back and forth trying to find the best play of lights in the cameras eye. I felt something of great beauty and compassion touched me, immortalizing the moment I took a picture. I felt something had happened. A presence in the Valley had touched me, awakening my senses to something inside of me. Later I was to find out what the gift was. When I was a child I shut off my vision of other dimensions living on the earth with us to be the same as the other children. With the forgetting, came a disconnection with part of myself and who I was in this lifetime. Till that moment when the Goddess of Fire appeared to me.  Later, I found out that it was Pele and she walks Limahuli from time to time, gifting her presence to some fortunate passerby.


Over the twenty three years since the photograph was taken I only have to look at the photo, think of her or walk in the Valley to feel my friend close by my side. It was that first encounter that connected us again in this lifetime.


I have showed her to you so you may experience Pele for yourself. What will the Lady of fire awaken in you?


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