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Tribute To Nature Gathering for 11-11-11

Rainbow Being Helper

Rainbow Being Helper showed up to assist us in setting up the tent.

I would like to share a story and picture of a magical day on Kauai.

I hope you can feel the love shared between Nature and man that took place on this day.

I was inspired by the nature kingdom one morning in April of 2013 to send out a calling to the Ambassadors of Nature that a Tribute to the Faery Kingdom and the Ancient Ones in Nature was going to be held on 11-11-11, reconnecting the Rainbow Bridge from our hearts to the Heart of Faery, at Kealia Beach.  The gathering was to take place during sunset, the magical time of day.

I was told that if people gathered with love in their hearts for the nature kingdoms a portal would open that would never close again.  The Old Ones would once more join forces with us.  A closer union would be formed then ever before.  They would share with those who came from compassion and love so that the original plan of the creator could be fulfilled.  The plan when entering the earth plain is for all to thrive on earth equally with their gifts and share them with all the nations existing on mother earth and our star family.  Very simple instructions we were given, but we lost site of the initial plan and got lost in the game.

Well back to our story, all of the elements where out in full force a week prier to the gathering.  Lightning touching the earth, waves dancing on high winds.  The Island was a landing place for fire, air and wind to touch down on.  It looked like Nature was joining us in full regalia.

I was concerned that I had muffled the message from Nature as to the place of the gathering, was to be held in a nice cozy place indoors?  Nature’s reply to me was “yea of little faith”. So with that replay I made sure I had covering for the day and recruited Don a sailor who would rig the tent so it would not blow out to sea.

It was amazing, those I met a few days prior, said they were planning on attending rain or shine to give thanks for all that Nature had given to them. There was so much love in their hearts. If Nature needed a confirmation of the love for its kingdom it surely found it on Kauai.

When November 11 finally arrived,  the day found a sunny sky,  little or no wind and no sign of a cloud in sight.  When the group of volunteers arrived to set up the tent, a unicorn flag and some rainbow banners with a heart dangling on the end they rested the tools needed for the job against some bushes.  Don then took some pictures, one of them was of the tools and among them was this picture of a rainbow being standing among the tools showing a willingness of the Old Ones to collaborate with us on this day of a tribute to them.

Tribute to Nature tent with heart banners flying in the air

Tribute to Nature tent with heart banners flying in the air

The hearts on the banners where swaying in the breeze with a full orange moon joining us from the depths of the sea shining a path of light to the shore while The Sacred Earth Choir sang “Bless our Planet”.

If that where not enough, for those who remained to clean up, a rare Night Rainbow appeared in the sky to show that indeed the connection of the Rainbow Bridge did take place.  Its meaning in Hawaii is a time when the ancestors walk the Earth you will see the Night Rainbow. Our hearts were full and all was well in this moment with my world.

I would like to mention just two miles away it was windy with heavy rains and cloud cover skies. Was it a miracle, maybe magic or could it be Nature in collaboration with man for a night of celebration that it was such a beautiful night for the hundred+ Ambassadors of Nature that joined their hearts with Nature that night.

If you want to read more about the event, you can visit:  http://11-11-11heartoffaery.blogspot.com/

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